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Each session is also cutomizable through the Pearl System Control.

Pearl Linux OS 4.0 relies on our own repository for base system and included software however include the full Ubuntu 16.04 repositories for adding additional software. Many people complain about the large downloads when doing an update on Ubuntu based distros with Pearl 4.0 once you have customized your system to your liking you may choose to un check the Ubuntu repository info using "Software and Updates" in your Pearl System Settings.

With the addition of the "Pearl Featured Software Installer" its eay to add and remove some of the software that is the most requested.

Pearl Linux OS 4.0 Released Available in both 64 and 32 bit Starting with 4.0 Pearl instead of releasing many releases in a variety of desktop environments we are focusing on our new PDE version which is our own customized DE .

in 3 desktop environments; Pearl DE both 32 and 64 bit , MATE 32 bit, MATE Lite 32 bit and Gnome 64 bit.

This version is also based on 16.04 however it relies on Ubuntu repositories primarily with no updates from the Pearl Repo and less customized code from the Pearl repository.

We (I) , lol, have been very slack in keeping up with support emails and the message board . Tho Pearl is in no way associated with either Linux Mint or Ubuntu MATE, with some minor code changes we were able to enjoy the best from both these fine distributions as well as incorporate it into the basic Pearl system.Under most conditions Pinguy Builder still works on Ubuntu 16.04 and most distros modeled after that release however we changed some code to make it work with 5.0 which due to running the Linux Mint style utilities were needed to not have installer issues.Also with all Pearl releases we use Thunar file manager with our standard extra right click customized command pre installed.This is a feature aimed torward the advanced user as well a newbees. 4.0 features our custom desktop environment Pearl DE. This desktop environment has 5 pre-configured sessions to choose from at login screen.Pearl DE-FX (default) - OS X style layout with desktop effects, Pearl DE - OS X style using XFWM without desktop effects, and LXDE - Windows XP style, Gnome Flashback Compiz -OS X style with effects Gnome Flashback Metacity - OS X style without effects.

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